Electronics and Communication Engineering - Facilities
The coursework of the Department emphasizes both on theoretical and practical framework in imparting knowledge. The process of disseminating knowledge is done through regular classroom teaching and practically implemented through the laboratories.

The Department consists of Microprocessor & Microcontroller lab, Communication Systems lab, Circuits & devices lab, Digital signal processing lab, Digital & Linear Integrated Circuits lab, Optical & Microwave lab, Electronics System Design lab, VLSI Design and Networking lab, Engineering Practice Lab. It also has the software lab to perform the Data Structure and OOPs courses.

ECE Computer Centre
Equipped with 72 computers, the ECE Computer Centre has licensed Matlab software which is used for fundamental labs and for general simulation work by students of all years. Also, internet connection is provided to all the systems so that students may enhance their knowledge through the World Wide Web. With a round the clock internet connection, the Net Lab has 72 computers dedicated for general purpose internet browsing.

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
This lab primarily focuses on the design of digital equalizers, encoder and decoders, digital FIR and IIR filters, SSB modulation and quantizers using Matlab and estimates their performance. The knowledge of the students on the latest DSP processors is developed by implementing algorithms in DSP Processors when they prefer the elective subject System Design.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory
The Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory aims in inculcating the knowledge of programming skills by executing various programs like arithmetic operations, code conversions, searching and sorting algorithms studied in the Microprocessor and Microcontroller course. The lab is also used by the students to interface the microprocessor and microcontroller to various peripheral devices to generate waveforms, perform A/D and D/A conversions, Displays, Digital clock and stop watch.

Digital & Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory
The lab is used to study various ICs and use them to design circuits to perform Analog and to study Digital IC experiments, the various applications in mathematical operations, filters, oscillators, data converters using Operational Amplifiers and also to design function and waveform generators further the students also use this lab to perform experiments on different types of combinational and sequential such as adders, subtractor, code converters, comparators, multiplexers, flip-flops, counters, shift registers and sequence detectors are also carried out.

Circuits and Devices Laboratory
The students are given experiments involving working of basic components and equipments. The students also design and test various circuits using theorems studied in circuit theory and principles of electrical engineering. The students are made to test the working of various active devices studied in electron devices course by verifying the characteristics of the devices with reference to specifications given in data sheets.

Communication Systems Laboratory
In the field of communication in both analog and digital techniques, students will be getting an exposure comparable to world class institutions. We have the equipment’s to cater the need of training in the ever green field of communication. The undergraduate students learn to implement the modulation schemes using hardware as well as other communication related experiments.

VLSI Design and Networking Laboratory
This lab includes advanced FPGA kits for the beneficiary of students. Simulation software’s are aided to students for verifying their design.

Optical & Microwave Laboratory
Giving an excellent opportunity for the students to brush up their practical knowledge in the vast developing field of Microwave Communication, this laboratory keeps the students at an edge in the fast growing field of fiber optics. The students develop inherent capabilities in this field while working their minds practically, based on theoretical knowledge. It is also equipped with optical fiber kits, Desktop and Portable power meters, A/V Limiter, Professional grade differentiators, and microwave benches and thus makes a proficient communication engineer.

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