Electrical and Electronics Engineering - Facilities
Measurements and Instrumentation Lab

  • Maxwell’s Inductance Bridge Trainer

  • Schering’s Bridge Trainer Kit

  • Wheatstone’s Bridge Trainer Kit

  • Kelvin’s Bridge Trainer Kit

  • Instrumentation Trainer Kit

  • Pressure Measurement Trainer

  • LVDT Trainer Kit

  • Analog to Digital Converter Trainer Kit

  • Digital to Analog Trainer Kit
Electrical Machines Lab
  • 5HP D.C.Motor-Generator Set

  • 5HP D.C.Shunt Motor

  • 5HP D.C.Series Motor

  • 5HP D.C. Compound Motor

  • Single Phase Transformers 1KVA,2KVA

  • Three Phase Transformers

  • 5HP D.C Motor –Alternator (Salient, Non Salient Pole)

  • 5HP Three Phase Induction Motor (Squirrel Cage)

  • 5HP Three Phase Slip Ring Induction Motor

  • 2HP Single Phase Induction Motor
Power Electronics Lab
  • SCR Characteristic kit

  • TRIAC Characteristic kit

  • MOSFET Characteristic kit

  • IGBT Characteristic kit

  • SCR firing circuit module

  • Single phase SCR based ½ controlled converter &fully controlled converter

  • MOSFET based step up and step down choppers

  • IGBT based single phase PWM inverter module

  • IGBT based three phase PWM inverter module

  • IGBT based high switching frequency chopper module

  • Resonant DC-DC converter module

  • SCR & TRIAC based 1 phase A.C.phase controller

  • SCR based V/I commuted chopper module
Control System Lab
  • Stepper motor control system

  • DC and AC position control systems

  • DC Servomotor kit

  • AC Servomotor kit

  • Analog simulation of Type - 0 and Type – 1 systems

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