Centre for Structural Consultancy
Department of Civil Engineering of NSN College of Engineering and Technology has started “Centre For Structural Consultancy And Research” at the campus. The objective of the wing is to provide practical exposure to students of Civil Engineering department to enable them to survive in construction field successfully.

On-site training related to planning, designing, estimating, site supervising, valuating, assessing the quality of construction, retrofitting, testing and assessing the properties of materials such as cement, steel, concrete, soil, water, bitumen, aggregates, wood, tiles, concrete blocks, sand etc. will be provided through this centre.

Moreover the centre also provides consultancy services to government, private building developers and practicing Engineers in the above said areas. Authentic reports on material testing and soil testing will also be provided. Structural design for any type of structures made with both concrete and steel will also be provided.

Periodical quality assessment of construction, structural health monitoring, stability certification, valuation certificate, estimation, plan and elevation etc. Will also be provided at economic cost.

In addition to that, suggestion for new construction materials and new construction technology will be given.

As a whole, “Centre For Structural Consultancy And Research” provides solutions to all your design and construction requirements.

Through Research and Consultancy we are giving the guidance to many companies by the type of tests listed below:

Types of Tests
  • Tensile strength

  • Percentage of Elongation

  • Unit weight

  • Compressive strength

  • Water absorption

  • Compressive strength

  • Water absorption

  • Efflorescence test

  • Fineness of cement

  • Consistency

  • Initial setting time

  • Final setting time

  • Compressive strength

  • Design mix for given grade

  • Sieve analysis

  • Crushing strength

  • Impact test

  • Abrasion value

  • Attrition value

  • Flakiness index& Elongation index

  • Specific gravity

  • Sieve analysis

  • Specific gravity

  • Bulking of sand

  • Penetration test

Tri-axial Compression Test
  • UU test(3 samples)

  • CU test(3samples)

  • CD test (3samples)

  • Plate load test

  • CBR on distributed sample of unknown OMC

  • CBR with declared OMC on DS

  • Direct shear test

  • Particle size distribution of soil

  • Plastic limit

  • Proctor test

  • Standard

  • Shrinkage limit

  • Moisture content

  • Specific gravity

  • Bulking of sand

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