Priority 1: Academic
  • 100% result in all the subjects
  • Create an interactive teaching learning environment
  • To impart Quality education
Priority 2: Placement / Higher Education
  • To achieve 100% Placement or encourage students to pursue higher education by making MoUs with all reputed companies and training the students in all aspects with prier importance for personality development programs.
Priority 3: Student Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular Activities
  • To improve the capability of individual student, coaching, training and encouraging them towards co-curricular activities such as paper presentation in outside colleges, participation in project, quiz model making competitions etc., Student associations in each department will be started. Different varieties of programs will be conducted in each association. Apart from that, NCC, NSS, Other activities such as IEE, IE(I), ISTE IETE, ICT, ICI Student chapters are to be started.
Priority 4: Research
  • Steps will be taken to get research projects from different funding agencies. This will improve the assets of the institution as well as knowledge of faculty and students
  • To conduct training programs, seminars and conferences in emerging research areas
  • To sponsor the faculty members to register their Ph.D programs and publishing many papers
  • To have international collaborations with Universities and research organizations
Priority 5: Industry Interaction
  • To have interaction with all nearby industries, Industry institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) will be started.

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