Ongoing Research Works

Department of English

  1. Theme of freedom and social consciousness in the select work of Richard wright.

Department of Physics

  1. Vibrational analysis of N-halogenated heterocyclic compound using DFT Calculation.

  2. Comparative vibrational analysis of CTFP & BTFP using DFT Calculation.

Department of Chemistry

  1. Inhibition of mild steel by using synthetic resins.

  2. Inhibition of mild steel by using surfactants.

Department of Civil Engineering:

  1. Performance assessment of concrete structures with textiles as chopped fibers and polymer laminate.

  2. Bio-composite concrete panels for low cost modular housing.

  3. Studies on hollow RCC columns wrapped with FRP.

  4. Influence of addition of sugarcane bagasse ash as pozzolonic material on mechanical and durability of concrete.

  5. Strength and structural properties of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete.

  6. Strengthening and rehabilitation of concrete and masonry structures using natural FRP Composites.

  7. Studies on the properties of light weight self-consolidating concrete using coconut shell as aggregates.

  8. Development and testing of reactive powder concrete.

  9. Preparation and characterization of nan-silica for developing Nano-concrete.

  10. Integrating and implementing self-compacting-self curing concrete for environmental and water conservation.

  11. Improving the vibration energy dissipation ability of fiber reinforced concrete filled tubular column.

  12. Characterization and utilization of MSWI Ash as pozzolonic material in concrete.

  13. Utilization of stainless steel slag in concrete construction for improved mechanical, structural and electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness.

  14. Study on effect of addition of Nano-structured fly ash /RHA on mechanical, durability and structural properties of concrete.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  1. Fabrication and characterization of hybrid metal matrix composites reinforced with Nano-structured Fly Ash.

  2. Preparation and characterization of Nano-clay filled natural –silky fiber reinforced hybrid polymer Nano composites.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

  1. Development of Nano-electronics based smart textiles for multifunction

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

  1. Web enabled rural-Infrastructural interaction.

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